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Training anatomy table TBK 84

TBK-84 EA (Electronically Adjustable) has the function of remote control electronic lifting, which can switch the upright or flat mode with one button, which is convenient for discussion and teaching in upright or flat. The 84-inch screen display size allows teachers to conduct group teaching with a large number of people in a larger space, and students who are far away can also see it. And the spliced screen display can additionally support opening any software for use while opening anatomy software.


The Anatomage-86 is specifically a designation for the display size of an Anatomage table, rather than a distinct model. It refers to an Anatomage table with an 86-inch multi-touch display. This large, high-resolution touchscreen display allows users to interact with a virtual human body in a very detailed and intuitive way. Now you can get it in Ethiopia, Jigjiga City. Just contact us now.