Angekis Saber-U20

The Angekis Saber U20 is a professional HD PTZ camera designed for use in conference rooms, huddle spaces, and other video conferencing scenarios.

The Angekis Saber-U20 is designed to meet the needs of professional environments requiring reliable and high-quality video capture, such as corporate meetings, educational settings, and live events.

Available Options
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  • 20x Optical + 12x Digital Zoom

    20x Optical + 12x Digital zoom gets you up close and personal. Even in the largest event spaces, the Saber U20’s zoom features will give you the power to see everything with smooth motion, accuracy, and precision. With both manual and auto focus options at your fingertips, your video conferencing equipment will be as detail oriented as your team.

  • 1080p @ 60fps

    The Saber U20 runs video at up to 1080p Full HD at 60 frames per second. This smooth, high resolution video can run through both HDMI and USB-C (USB2.0) connections simultaneously, giving your livestreaming or recorded video excellent definition, superb image quality, and much needed flexibility.

  • Power over USB

    The Saber U20 comes with a USB-C port (running USB 2.0) through which you can run power, video, and control. One plug to rule them all.


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