CSX-500 Series – Full Color Image Scanner

Comfortable scanning in face-up

Convenient, reliable face-up document loading even easier to use.
The drawings and documents you want to convert into electronic format are loaded face-up, allowing you to monitor the actual scanned area you want to convert into electronic format.

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Sharp image scanning CSX500 series provide 1200 dpi (only the CSX550) optical resolution and 9600 dpi interpolated resolution allowing high-resolution and high-quality scanning. Further high-resolution and high-quality scanning is enhanced by Graphtec technology that improve contact between document and sensor.
No Warm-up time The scanner is ready for scanning 10 seconds after power on, thus saving energy.
Power save This feature meets several environmental standards. Power consumption is 3W or less when it is in power save mode.
Compact Design Compact design saves space, operability and resource.


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