HPE MSA 2062 SAN Storage

The HPE MSA 2062 Storage is a flash-enabled device designed for small and remote office installations that require economical application acceleration. Don’t be fooled by the low price. The HPE MSA 2062 provides a unique combination of simplicity, flexibility, and advanced functionality in a low-cost storage array. You can scale the system from there with any combination of solid state discs (SSD), high-performance Enterprise SAS HDDs, or lower-cost Midline SAS HDDs, starting with 3.84 TB of embedded flash memory.

Available Options
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Product Specification of HPE MSA 2062 SAN Storage

  • Capacity
    921 TB SFF or 1.92 PB LFF depending on model
  • Host interface
    Fibre Channel, iSCSI, or SAS depending on model
  • Storage expansion options
    24 drive bay SFF disk enclosure or 12 drive bay LFF disk enclosure
  • SAN backup support
  • Storage mirroring support
  • Form factor


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