TabPOS Fixed and Mobile Tablet Solutions

Fixed and Mobile Tablet Solutions

Tablet enclosures and stands for fixed and mobile applications

The combination of your staff and the right technology is proven to be a key element in delivering a great customer experience. Our comprehensive range of TabPOS tablet enclosures and mounts enable you to do just that, whether at the point of sale, point of payment or any self-service application.

Our solutions empower fixed and mobile tablet-based applications or hybrid solutions requiring a combination of both.

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TabPOS A-Frame™

For fixed applications

A-Frame is a universal tablet enclosure that offers protection and security for a wide range of popular tablets. With its high level of security and stylish looks, A-Frame is perfectly suited for customer self-service applications such as information look-up or customer satisfaction surveys. A-Frame can also be used as tablet POS.

TabPOS C-Frame™

For fixed applications

C-Frame is a versatile stand-alone point of sale solution for Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets with a functional design. Create a full tablet POS solution selecting the options or bundle to suit the needs of your business by adding rotation, a payment device, scanner or a cash drawer. Perfect for the specialist retailer, pop-up shop, bar or restaurant.

TabPOS U-Frame™

A universal Frame – One solution for all tablet sizes

A simple, cost-effective adjustable frame for mounting all standard tablets from 7” to large 13” Pro formats. Built with modularity in mind,
U-Frame is perfect for TabletPOS, digital signage, front of house attended self-service or customer information.

TabPOS X-Frame™

For fixed applications

Our ever-popular X-Frame is a simple slim tablet solution that keeps the essential buzz of using a tablet whilst offering a secure solution. It offers access to all features of the tablet and is ideal for tablet POS, digital signage as well as customer self-service.

TabPOS Dock & Charge™

For fixed and mobile applications

Dock & Charge is a combined tablet enclosure and stand that maximises the use of your tablet. For mobility, remove the tablet from the dock to bring a personal shopper service or sales transaction to the customer anywhere in-store. To bring the self-service applications to life, take advantage of the secure docking with charging capabilities.

TabPOS TabPrint™

For fixed applications

TabPrint enables an integrated fixed Tablet POS solution. With a stylish design, the mount has a small footprint that neatly incorporates a printer and tablet enclosure. The screen can easily be flipped enabling the operator to make it customer facing allowing for a range of assisted sales applications. Designed to be used in combination with our A-Frame and X-Frame tablet enclosures.

TabPOS TabPrint Curve™

All in one TabletPOS solution

TabPrint Curve is a simple, cost-effective, all in one TabletPOS mounting solution compatible with our range of TabPOS frames, and a range of printers from the leading manufacturers, designed with in-built modularity to add payment devices, customer displays or a second screen.


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